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Try a Sunless Tanner for a Holiday Glow!


Are the short, chilly winter days leaving you looking like Frosty the Snowman’s twin?

It’s hard to hold on to that healthy summer glow when you haven’t seen sun for a while. With the holiday party season revving up, there’s nothing worse than seeing just how pale and pasty you’re looking in your LBD every time someone posts new pics on FaceBook!

What can you do to keep your skin looking great through the holidays and beyond? Tanning beds will brown your skin and warm you up, but they’ll also damage your skin and age you. While there are great treatments (like Botox and Dysport) to address those little lines on your face when they begin to appear, there’s no reason to speed up the skin aging process unnecessarily.

These days, doctors agree that the best, safest way to avoid looking pasty, at any time of the year, is to use a sunless tanner.

Read on to learn about how sunless tanners work and why they’re your best bet to bring back some summer sun in the snow!

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Get Quick Color with Sublime Bronze Tinted Gel

Loreal Sublime Bronze One Day tinted gel, beautyEvery year, I somehow manage to forget how pasty, “winter”-colored legs look when you slip into my first summer sun dress. This was my dilemma as I was putting together an outfit for a baby shower on Saturday morning. The adorable hot pink shift I picked was begging for some glowing gams, but I didn’t have time to get a spray tan.

Enter Loreal’s new Sublime Bronze One Day tinted gel, ($8.09, walgreens.com)!

This instant tanning gel pumps into your palm as a rather intimidating deep bronze  glaze, but the color evens out quickly once you rub it into your skin. I loved that this one didn’t have that tell-tale tanner smell because it’s DHA free. I applied an even coat over my legs, arms and chest and waited for it to dry.

(about 10 minutes, just to be safe). Then, for good measure, I scrubbed my hands with soap and a loofah to avoid the home tan golden-palm look. Sure enough the product left a subtle, but very noticeable glow, successfully transforming me from “January” to “June”!

You can apply multiple layers of the gel for a deeper effect, but I didn’t find the coverage to be as good at evening skin tone out as I find with real sunless-tanning products. All in all, this is a great product to have on hand between other self-tanning treatments, especially if you’re as short on time as you are on tan!

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