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The Top 5 SPF Spoilers

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We know that no Line Fighter would dream of stepping out sans sunscreen, but did you know that you may secretly be upping your fry-factor just by spritzing on your perfume?

Sometimes even the best sun defense gets foiled because of other products, foods, and medications that you’re already adding to your body. This might explain why you ended up coming home well-done, despite your best efforts to stay covered .

Read on for the top 5 SPF spoilers that may end up leaving you sizzled!

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7 Pretty Ways to Boost Your Sun Protection

by Cristal Orpilla

Sun protection is a must,  especially as the scorching summer days draw near. White lifeguard noses, coconut tanning oils, and thick sticky sunscreens are a thing of the past.  With all the alternatives in sun protection available, there plenty of options to help keep your skin damage-free. Here are 7 of  our favorite SPF products for pretty protection.

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