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My Fabulous Facial for Melasma (and More)!


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While in California recently, I decided to indulge in a little LA glamor and beauty. I couldn’t think of a better way than with a Line Fighting facial at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, in Marina del Rey!

This thriving plastic surgery practice features a spacious, fully accredited medical day spa, that provides everything from injectables and clinical skin care, to laser treatments and permanent makeup.

I had the pleasure meeting Ann Yacullo, one of The Institute’s expert clinical aestheticians, for a custom clinical facial that took years off my face.

Read on for the features of my facial that treated melasma, blemishes, and more!

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The 4 “C’s” for Sunburn Relief

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Did Memorial Day leave you looking like a lobster?

Sunburns happen when UV light kills the layer of new cells just below your skin’s surface. Your immune system responds by sending healing fluid to the burn (the swelling and redness you see), while your nerves release pain messages to your brain to let it know that your skin is “well done”.

The only cure for a sunburn is time, but here are 4 soothing “C’s” to put out the flame while you’re waiting.

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From the Botax to the “Glow Tax”. Taxing tanning beds and the fight against skin cancer.

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Ahhh, the perfect tan. It’s hard to argue how healthy and refreshed someone looks with a golden glow. With the warmer weather approaching we all want to look our best while we’re wearing less. Proms, weddings, and island getaways send legions of glow-getters off to the tanning salon. Well, this year that’s gonna come with a price: a 10% tax to be precise.

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