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Top 5 Reasons Your SPF Fails!

We know that if you’re reading this, there is a really good chance that you would never dream of stepping out sansmodel sunscreen, but did you know that you may secretly be upping your fry-factor just by putting on your perfume?

Sometimes even the best sun defense gets foiled because of other everyday actions that you’re already doing. This might explain why you ended up coming home well-done, despite your best efforts to stay covered .

Read on for the top 5 reasons your SPF fails so that you won’t end up sizzled!

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Our Top 10 Tips For Sensational Skin!

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Put your best face forward!

We are obsessed with keeping our skin smooth, sexy, and safe. With all of the skin care advice floating around out there it’s hard to keep track of the next best thing. Our best advice? Keep it simple, sweetie!

Here are FFL’s top 10 tips for sensational skin!

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