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Elle Macpherson Isn’t Scared of Aging

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The host of the new series Britain’s Next Top Model says she’s “nothing special to look at”… we disagree!

Elle Macpherson is probably the most stunning 47 year old on the planet right now. That’s right, she’s 47! Elle says, “I can’t stop time. My body’s fared me well”.

Maybe she’s not scared of aging because she’s aging so ridiculously well! Click here to see how amazing she looked on the Britain’s Next Top Model red carpet!

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Michelle Pfeiffer Has Been Fighting Fine Lines! Looking Fabulous at 52

Happy Birthday Michelle! We’re astounded at your beautiful skin, and at how great you look for 52 years young. What’s your secret?

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Photo Credit: InStyle


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The “RealAge” Test. How fast are you aging?

No one at FFL likes taking tests, but we thought this may be one exam you might actually WANT to take! #2 pencils and Scantron sheets not required 🙂  Click here to start the exam.

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Watch Your Tone, Missy! The 4 Best Toners to clean up your act.


Naturally, your face wash removes most of the grime that manages to coat your complexion throughout the day, but it’s not always enough to give you the radiant glow you hope to see in the mirror every morning. Over time, tiny amounts of dirt and makeup can build up on the surface of your skin, and prevent its true beauty from shining through.

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How a”peel”ing! Glycolic Acids and The Best Home Peels!


I absolutely love how my skin looks after a good facial. The satiny smoothness… that glycolic glow – it’s like living photo-shop! If you’re like me and a weekly trip to the spa doesn’t quite fit in with your schedule or budget, a home peel is a pretty great way to go.

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Permanent Pretty. The Art of Tattoo Makeup and Micro-pigmentation.


You know those nights when you’re just too tired, too tipsy, or too “something else“, to take off your makeup before you go to bed? Well, imagine never having to worry about waking up with smudgy raccoon eyes again. Imagine your lipstick stuck on your smoocher instead of your sheets.  Imagine ditching your overflowing collection of brow pencils and stencils. Over the past few months I’ve watched three of my city-chic coworkers save tons of money and time by opting for perennial pretty with permanent makeup. Hmmm… maybe they are on to something.

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