My 4 Favorite Fall Makeup Products!

– by Lindsey Lopez, Professional Makeup Artist, San Antonio, TX

EYE know what you’re thinking about for Holiday makeup!

GLITTER, GLITZ and SPARKLES! Yes! It is about that beautiful sparkle for the fall, and I have some great products that can get you bedazzled for the season.

Keep Reading to find out what should be on your holiday makeup wish list!

1. Stila “Kitten” Eyeshadow

My first product recommendation is Stila “Kitten” eyeshadow! It is a beautiful champagne color that goes with every skin tone. It glides on the eye and is very easy to use. The gold flex gives that sparkle without the glitter look and instantly brightens up your eyes.

2. MakeUpForEver Star Powders

My next favorite is for those that dare to go bolder! My favorites are the Star Powders from Makeup Forever. These loose shadows have all the glitz to be used not only on the eyes but on the cheeks, lips, and on the body! #940 was the first one I ever bought and I used it everywhere! The quality of Makeup Forever products is like no other. Once you’ve bought one item you will find yourself back shopping for more!

3. Tarina Tarantino’s “Sparklicity” Collection

My last product pick is for the glitter queen herself to reign in the glitter fairies! Tarina Tarantino’s “Sparklicity” collection.  A wide range of glitters to sprinkle and spray all over yourself! The micro glitter is so fine the twinkle is perfection and you are sure to light up a room with any one you choose! J

4. Too Faced “Perfect Eyes” Pencil Eye Liner

Make those eyes really stand out this season with the latest cat-eye liner look! Do not shy away from eyeliner even if you feel like an amateur at applying it. Everything takes time and practice and in the makeup world and application it is no different. My recommendation is to start off with pencil eyeliner to line the eyes and bring out the wing tip. Sometimes you have to really stretch your eyelid out to follow the natural shape of your eye. My favorite pencil eye liner is “Perfect Eyes” by Too Faced. These pencil’s write like a crayon and the best part: they are WATERPROOF! Once you have applied it you don’t have to worry about it smudging or budging! They come in a variety of colors so even if you are the fairest of skin tones they have a beautiful coffee brown that I would recommend.

If you feel as though you want the darker intensity of a liquid liner and not exactly the pro at applying then use felt tip eyeliners. The tips of these eyeliner pins look like a marker and are meant for precision application. The best one I have ever used was Hourglass “Calligraphy” pen eyeliners.  One of biggest tips in creating a cat-eye effect is to do it once and leave it alone. When you go back and try to fix the winged eyeliner you can end up with either a mess or one thicker and longer than the other. Take time and use a light hand when you’re holding the eyeliner and applying.

How to choose a lipstick, how to choose a lipstick color, Demure Makeup by LindseyLindsey Lopez
Professional Makeup Artist
Demure Makeup by Lindsey

Photo Credit: iStockPhoto, LIndsey Lopez

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