How to Choose a Lipstick You’ll Love!

How to choose a lipstick, How to choose a lipstick colorKisses, besos, and muahs!  Lips that are kissable, smooch-able and pop with color are what’s in for FALL 2011.

Lipstick is the ultimate touch of femininity, yet many of us ladies aren’t quite sure where to start when it comes to choosing a shade. Here are a few tips that I use to help my clients kiss their questions goodbye!

Finding Your True Colors

Finding a color that you’re comfortable in is very important.  One of the first things you want to do is assess your personal color scheme. Your eye color, hair color, and overall skin tone will be key in finding your perfect lip shade.If you have a lighter complexion finding a lip color that has a bit of berry in it will brighten up your smile. If you have a golden to dark complexion, corals are in right now! This gives that romantic glow to the lips and adds that pop of color.

One thing that I personally love about a burst of color on my lips, and also on my clients, is that it photographs well. You don’t have to wait for the camera though! We all have very unique lip shapes and a little extra definition brings out that gorgeous smile that you’ll want to flash all day long.

Perhaps you love lipstick color and maybe you feel like you have lipsticks that are basically all the same shade but from different brands. We are creatures of habit sometimes and now we can step out of the box. Often times the color of a lipstick in the tube is not always the exact color it will deliver on you. Take into account the natural color of your lips and whether or not you are using a lip liner. These factors make a difference in what the final color will look like.

Here’s a great tip! The next time you find yourself at a beauty counter shopping for a lipstick, I encourage you to pick a color you think you would never wear. You might be surprised at what you will fall in love with!

Gloss vs Stick

In my experience as a beauty consultant, if you start off with a lipstick that delivers a lot of color, it may scare you away for good. My suggestion, if you tend to shy away from color, is to ease into color with a lip gloss that is pigmented. The key is to gradually adjust to more color on your lips, and glosses tend to be on the more “sheer” side of intensity.

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If you want to get a really good nude lip, allow me to share a makeup cocktail with you! I love to use a light brown lip liner to outline the lips very softly. My favorite is Stripdown by MAC, ($14, Next I like to use MAC lipstick in Hue, ($14.50, and apply it like you would any lipstick. I love to finish it off with Striptease gloss by NARS, ($24, to give you that khaki nude lip. Now, if you want more of a babydoll pink nude lip I recommend Turkish Delight  by NARS. This gives it a very super soft pink that goes great with a smokey eye!

Once you’ve seen how refreshing and energizing a quick swipe of color can be, you’ll be looking for an upgrade! Lipsticks have a more concentrated pigment and therefore come in a larger array of colors and formulas. Almost everyone can use a moisture boost which makes “hydrating” and moisturizing formulas a no brainer. Long-wear formulas are great for a hectic day (think wedding, business convention) when touch-ups aren’t always possible. Peruse your local drugstore, boutique, or department store to find a lipstick you’ll stick to!

Tricks of the Trade

Lip treatments that work, best treatment for dry lips, Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery, Dr Nicholas VendemiaLastly, applying lip gloss, lip liners, and lipsticks can be tricky for some. I suggest exfoliating and using a lip moisturizer at night. Try Sugar Lip Balm by Fresh, ($22.50, ). It will not only exfoliate your lip but it will hydrate them as well. This will make a difference in how your lip color stays and shifts(or doesn’t!) through out the day. For overnight line-fighting, Dr. Perricone and Fusion Beauty have excellent lip treatments that will assist in minimizing the appearance of fine lines around the lips. Talk about beauty sleep!

It’s always best to prime your lips to stop the color from feathering or bleeding.  I recommend using a silicone based lip primer to help the color glide on evenly and stay put. I think that Guerlain, Bare Escentuals, and NARS make the best lip primers. Keep in mind that a little goes a long way.

Overall, have fun with the newest lip trends and take care of your kiss. After all it is a part of your best quality, your smile!

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How to choose a lipstick, how to choose a lipstick color, Demure Makeup by LindseyLindsey Lopez
Professional Makeup Artist
Demure Makeup by Lindsey

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