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We have to give it to Sarah Jessica Parker… she is one of those celebrities who seems to look better and better with age!

So what is her secret for aging to perfection? Well, according to SJP, radiant skin is all a good routine, although we’re sure a fabulous family, endless wardrobe, and killer career all help too!

Keep Reading for The Pretty Practitioners dish on the eternally stylish and glamourous SJP on this weeks Celebrity Skin Care from MAS!

Shea Slaymaker, MAS, Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery, Dr Nicholas Vendemia, Plastic Surgeon New York City

Shea, our APA (Aesthetic Physician’s Assistant), says…

According to SJP, she will try any anti-aging cream to help keep her skin looking young and healthy because she does not want plastic surgery! From what we know, she is well on her way to trying every product on the market.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Sarah Jessica Parker skin care, best skin care products, Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Nicholas Vendemia, Skin Care New York City, best facials in NYCMs. Parker has been noted for using several top of the line skin care products over the past few years. She’s used Rodial’s Glamtox Serum, ($75, essentialdermcare.com) which contains Vitamin C, collagen, and hyaluronic acid to help smooth away her wrinkles. She also is a fan of Epicuren Discovery’s line of products which use a patented “Metadermalbolic Enzyme” to encourage skin rejuvenation.

While we admire her enthusiasm , we do have some advice to getting the most out of a new product. She should try using anti-aging products consistently (for at least a few months) to really get an idea of what results she can expect. Just because your Anti-Aging product doesn’t work its magic in one night doesn’t mean that it’s not working. Just like your wrinkles don’t appear in a day, these products take time, and have to penetrate all the layers of the skin before you will notice an improvement.

Another product that SJP has been said to love is her Clarisonic Brush, which I also swear by. The Clarisonic system uses sonic frequency to help deeply exfoliate and clean your skin. It can be used with your favorite facial cleanser for a serious beauty boost. Warning, after using this brush once, you will be addicted!

I loved seeing SJP on the cover of the August issue of Vogue and can’t wait to see what she does next!

Dr Nicholas Vendemia, Plastic Surgeon New York City, MAS, Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery

Karin, our Beauty Blogger, says…

SJP is pretty much SJ-Perfect to me! She’s been oddly cute and quintessentially NYC long before her Carrie Bradshaw days.

I think that Sarah Jessica is aging like fine wine. Unlike many women of a certain age, she gets the point that less is more. I love how her look has stayed relatively clean through the years, yet managed to evolve into a bit of glam as well.

Sarah Jessica Parker, What makeup does Sarah Jessica Parker use, New York City Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Nicholas Vendemia, Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery, Best facial in New York City, Best Skin care adviceSJP has fascinatingly piercing aquamarine eyes, which she always uses as the highlight of her face. Lately, she has added the perfect “pop” with the blackest possible liner and mascara. I love gel liners for their for their tenacity and their ease of use. Bobbi Brown’s Black Ink is the best, ($21, nordstrom.com) and can be applied with a good, firm liner brush. Keep your line as close to your lashes as possible for a more defined look (it’s not “lid” liner!). A sweep of Dior Show Blackout Mascara, ($24.50, sephora.com), will also add a little drama to an otherwise neutral palette.

Ms. Parker is yet another devotee to lovely lips. Although she used to pucker up to a punch of apricot or even brick-ish hues, SJP has moved on to a more subtle, but always feminine sheen. Dior’s Addict Lipstick in Pink Cherie, ($28, sephora.com), captures just the right amount of  shine with a hint of Parisian flair. Perfect for any occasion, from Bradshaw to Broderick!

I’ll continue to remain inspired by Sarah Jessica Parker’s ability to come across as the best-friend-you-always-wanted/ultra- stylish-taste-maker/NYC-power-mom, all at the same time and would love to spend even just a moment in her Manolos!

New York Plastic Surgeon Dr. Nicholas Vendemia | MAS | Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery | 917-703-7069

Dr. Nicholas Vendemia, our Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon, says…

I give SJP all the credit in the world for standing up to her statement about not wanting plastic surgery, and I think she’s doing a wonderful job without it!

There are some things that even the best skin care products can’t fix or prevent though… fine lines and wrinkles! Top of the line products might have the ability to keep wrinkles at bay for a few years, but eventually age will win the battle, and here’s why…

Many fine lines and wrinkles, especially those around the eyes and forehead, are due to repetitive muscle contractions. The analogy I like to make is this… take a piece of paper and fold it in half (but don’t make a crease in it). Now hold the paper between two or three fingers in the spot where the paper should be folded, and squeeze it gently over and over again. If you keep squeezing, the paper will eventually develop a crease, and once the crease forms, it’s almost impossible to get it out. The only want to prevent the crease is to not squeeze the paper!

It’s the same thing with the muscles around your eyes and forehead. Think about how many hundreds (or thousands!) of times they squeeze your skin every day. Every time you blink or furrow your brow is another potential crease in the paper, and the only way to prevent that crease is to relax the muscles providing the squeeze.

How do you relax the muscles? One word… Botox.

Sarah Jessica Parker has gorgeous wrinkle-free skin, and a little Botox would go a very long way towards helping her keep in that way!

Botox by New York Plastic Surgeon Dr Nicholas Vendemia of MAS | 917-703-7069

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