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We’ve been swooning over Kim Kardashian’s 20.5 K-arat ring for the past few weeks! The job, the clothes, the hair, the body….ahhh, what a charmed life it is to be paid for being nice and look fabulous all the time!

We can’t think of a better candidate for the Pretty Practitioners to pay tribute to. This lady embraces all things aesthetic, just like us! Read on for a few K-nock out tips you can follow at home!

Shea Slaymaker, MAS, Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery, Dr Nicholas Vendemia, Plastic Surgeon New York City

Shea, our APA (Aesthetic Physician’s Assistant), says:

Whether or not you like Kim Kardashian, you have to admit she has a banging body and flawless skin. What is her secret?

Kim and her sisters are huge promoters of PerfectSkin, ($29.95, perfectskinnow.com), a skin care line developed by Dr Ron DiSalvo. This skin care line involves a 3-step regimen, designed to treat skin of all types.

Step 1: Cleanse

The Equalizing All-in-One Cleanser removes makeup and any impurities that build up throughout the day.

Step 2: Tone

The Balancing and Refreshing Toner helps sooth and soften skin. It is alcohol free and perfect for all skin types.

Step 3:  Repair and Protect

DDF Glycolic Toner, Best skin care products for oily skin, Dr Nicholas Vendemia, Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery , Skin Care New York City, Dermatology NYC, Kim Kardashian skin careThe Intense Moisture BioRepair Complex can be used on all skin types, and is designed to equalize and balance your skin.

The 3-step concept of PerfectSkin includes the essential components to a good skin care routine. The only things I would suggest for Kim would be to use a toner with glycolic acid. What sets this particular alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) apart from others, is it’s tiny size. It is so small, that it can penetrate further into the layers of your skin which make for a potent anti-aging punch! I use it and recommend it to my clients to help improve skin texture and to create an even skin tone  by gently exfoliating the dead skin cells. It also helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles, which will keep anyone looking young and fresh. I would recommend DDF Glycolic Toner with 10% glycolic acid ($35, sephora.com).

I would also suggest using a moisturizer with SPF (at least SPF 15 if not higher), such as Neutrogena Ultra Sheer- Dry Touch SPF 55 ($8, walgreens.com).  Having a good moisturizer at night is essential for restoring and maintaining healthy skin, but if your skin is damaged throughout the day by the sun, you aren’t getting any of the benefits from the other skin care products. Staying away from the sun is the best way to keep your skin healthy and looking young. With summer around the corner, its hard to avoid UV exposure  completely, so use sunscreen, wear a hat, and stay in the shade everyday to keep skin healthy and young!

Dr Nicholas Vendemia, Plastic Surgeon New York City, MAS, Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery

Karin, our BB (Beauty Blogger), says:

Kim is one of my Ideal Life Idols! I dream about an endless wardrobe and love that she is always done-up. I find it refreshing that she embraces being glamorous all the time and doesn’t apologize for it.

Kim Kardashian's makeup, what makeup does Kim Kardahian use, Kim Kardashian plastic surgery, NARS Bronzer in Casino,celebrity skin care products, plastic surgery new york city, manhattan aesthetic surgery, Dr Nicholas VendemiaKim does not shy away from looking made-up. For the summer, I love a solid sweep of bronzer across the brow, temples, and along the jawline. NARS Bronzer in Casino, ($33, saks.com), delivers a slightly darker (but still believable!) bronze than a lot of other bronzers on the market. It can be blended right on top of your foundation giving you a glow and a radiant finish as well.

Kim’s eyes are always smoldering! Even though she often pulls off a very natural color scheme, she always has a stronger look to make her gaze pop. Look for browns, pinks, and tawnies with a punch of pigment to achieve a similar look on your own. I’m always a fan of  a kit and Lorac’s Starry Eyed Baked Eye Shadow Trio ,($26, ulta.com), leaves a glimmer of shimmer in the perfect tan-enhancing shades.

With wedding planning in full swing, Kim is probably practicing picture worthy puckering even more than usual. Kiehls makes an amazing Facial Fuel Non Shine Lip Balm, ($9.00, kiehls.com) that will keep her lips soft and smooth through thousands of kisses with Kris. A long-wearing gloss like the the apro-po Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish, ($18, bareescentuals.com) in Dolly, would look perfect on Kim’s luscious lips!

Congrats Kim! Can’t wait to see every gorgeous minute leading up to her wedding!

New York Plastic Surgeon Dr. Nicholas Vendemia | MAS | Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery | 917-703-7069

Dr. V, our Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon, says…

Right now, Kim looks as stunning as her giant engagement ring! Her skin is beautiful, and as Karin said, she looks her best whether she’s up early for a photo shoot or traveling for a business meeting.

A few words of caution for Kim… chill out on the fillers! Several months back, pics of overfilled cheeks and lips were circulating in the media, and it was such a shame to see a naturally beautiful woman like Kim look “done”. Fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse and Sculptra are all great products, but they need to be precisely placed. There is a very fine line between looking natural and looking done, and the final result all comes down to the experience of the injector.

I recommend a conservative approach with fillers… remember, you can always add a bit more, but you can’t necessarily take it out if you add too much! I’m glad to see that Kim’s cheeks and lips have deflated a bit, and I hope she keeps it that way!

Plastic Surgery, Plastic Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon NYC, Plastic Surgery New York, New York Plastic Surgeon Dr Nicholas Vendemia of MAS, MAS, Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery

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Photo Credit: celebrityhairstyles.com, nars.com

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