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Kate Middleton, Kate Middleton skincare, celebrity skin care, MAS, Dr Nicholas VendemiaEvery girl dreams of being a Princess, but it’s not too often that the world actually gets to see it happen for real!

All eyes have been on Kate Middleton through the months leading up to her royal wedding with Prince William. We’re not going to hide the fact that we have researched and scrutinized every detail about her, from her style to her gorgeous 18-carat sapphire engagement ring.

The paparazzi has been talking about who is designing her wedding dress, how she’ll wear her hair, and every move she makes. Now the Pretty Practitioners are here to talk about her skin!

Shea Slaymaker, MAS, Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery, Dr Nicholas Vendemia, Plastic Surgeon New York City

Shea our APA (Aesthetic Physician’s Assistant) says…

As a bride-to-be myself, I can attest that planning a wedding of any size comes with a certain level of inherent stress. Bridezillas anyone?!

Stress is one of the worst things possible for your skin, and can lead to breakouts, rosacea, hives, and more! With the biggest royal wedding since Prince Charles and Princess Diana rapidly approaching, there are plenty of reasons for Kate Middleton to be just a tad overwhelmed. I’m amazed that she is still looking so fresh and fabulous!

Karin Herzog skin care, celebrity skin care, Kate Middleton beauty tips, MASFortunately for Kate, she already has a stellar skin routine as a devotee of Karin Herzog products. KH pushes their “Cleanse, Exfoliate, Oxygenate” method and with good reason! This patented Swiss secret helps to zap free-radicals which detoxes the skin. Even better, the line is paraben, preservative, and cruelty free!

Kate is a fan of the VK 1 Cream, ($54, dermstore.com) which is perfect for her young “Celtic” skin. Another lifesaver is the VK 3 spot zapper ($75, fleurdepeau.com)  to help nix any  bridal blemishes that pop up along the way. I think her plan is perfect for her and would only add in some stress managing exercise and relaxation as well.

Only 14 days!

Dr Nicholas Vendemia, Plastic Surgeon New York City, MAS, Manhattan Aesthetic SurgeryKarin, our BB (Beauty Blogger), says…

As a Princess myself, Kate is near and dear to my heart!

I love brides to stick to an ultra-lovely version of their everyday look. It’s always a little odd to me to have a “new version” of yourself suddenly emerge on one of the most intimate days of a woman’s life.

Kate never steps out without her eyes lined, and I think that she would look stunning with a sweep of midnight to play up her pretty hazel eyes. Revlon’s Colorstay Eyeliner in Navy, ($6.79, drugstore.com) is blendable and longlasting, and could serve as her “something blue” 😉

Anastasia Brow Kit, Kate Middleton wedding makeup, MAS, celebrity skin careKate has fabulously lush brows, so I think  having them shaped would be a great idea to frame her face. Rumor has it that she is doing her own makeup, so she could use a brow kit such as Anastasia’s Kit for Perfect Brows, ($75, sephora.com), to style herself as long as she practices before the big day!

On the brink of the most anticipated kiss in two decades, of course Kate needs to perfect her pretty pout. We love Vivite’s Defining Lip Plumper to keep lips pampered and smooth. A sophisticated, natural shine is just the thing to top off the first of a million smooches that every paparazzi’s camera click can catch the whole day through. Kate can keep it classy with Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Coture in Bergamasque ($30, sephora.com) and she won’t have to spend too much time reapplying and worrying about her color disappearing all day.

Cheers, Kate & William!

Dr. Nicholas Vendemia | MAS | Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery | Plastic Surgeon New York City | Botox New York City | Botox NYC

Dr. V, our celebrity plastic surgeon, says…

Kate couldn’t be more fitting as a princess! Her healthy shiny hair, and big bright smile, will catch our eyes everywhere she goes.

It’s really difficult to improve on perfection, but if I were to recommend on thing to Kate, it would be a very subtle augmentation of her upper lip. A touch of extra fullness from an injectible filler like Juvederm, would plump her pout just perfectly without looking like she had anything done.

Wanna find out what else Kate might want to have done to spice up her look before the Royal Wedding? Click hereto find out!

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Photo Credit: Chrid Jackson, Getty Images, googleimages.com, karinherzog.com, sephora.com

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