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Welcome to our weekly edition of Celebrity Skin Care, a new series discussing the fabulous (and not so fabulous) skin of well-known celebrities.

To give you the best on what’s in for your skin, we’ve put together a panel of top-notch “Pretty Practioners” : an Aesthetic Physician’s Assistant, a Plastic Surgeon, and, of course, a Beauty Blogger… all from Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery in New York City!

Our first celebrity featured celeb is Zooey Deschanel, who looks dazzling as Rimmel London’s latest “it” girl. With her striking blue eyes and perfectly smooth skin, Zooey is simply stunning.

Keep Reading to find out why!

Nevermind that photo (chop) shop scandal going on! The devine Ms. Deschanel has always wowed us with her doll like features…especially her skin!

Shea, our A.P.A. (Aesthetic Physician Assistant), says…

Dr Nicholas Vendemia, Celebrity Skincare, Plastic Surgeon New York City, Skincare New York City, Dermatologist New York CityAccording to Zooey, she has always been more interested in make-up than in skin care products (possibly because she never needed to worry about it with her naturally flawless skin)! Either way, every girl needs a skin care regimen. In the past, Zooey confesses that all she uses for her skin care is “Cetaphil and a couple Epicuren Discovery products. She also admits that she only washes her face at night, because she has dry skin. Simple skin care regimens are ideal, however, would I suggest using a cleanser both morning and night, whether your skin is dry or oily.

As a skin-care specialist for Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery I am always scoping out the latest products, both clinical and commercial. I love customizing facials to target our client’s specific needs, and for Zooey, I would recommend our signature MAS Magnifiqué Facial™ to smooth and soften her delicate, dry skin. It uses Vivite products which are clinically tested (not on animals!) by the anti-aging gurus who also make Botox and Juvederm.

We also offer our clients a selection of Vivité products to boost their beauty routine at home as well.

Zooey, come on in 😉

Karin, our B.B. (Beauty Blogger), says…

I love, love, love Zooey!

I’m not even going to go and call her “quirky” because she’s so much more than that. Piercing blue eyes, rich cocoa hair,and porcelain skin are enough of a beauty statement, but Zooey knows how to take her girly-girl glam to a whole new level.

makeup trends spring 2011, lipstick trends for spring 2011, MAS, Dr V, manhattan plastic surgeonsBright lips are so in this Spring, so Zooey is right on trend with her love of lipsticks! Dior Serum Rouge, ($32, bloomingdales.com)  promises perfect pout with extra moisturizers which are essential for keeping your color on your lips longer. “Pink Diva” couldn’t be a more perfect name either!

Flawless skin is the number one way to look refreshed and youthful, and it’s another one of Zooey’s claims to fame. As the new face of Rimmel, Zooey has it made her business as well, and just in time. Despite shunning the sun, sticking to a healthy diet, and great genetics, no one can escape their 30’s!

We think that she’s on the right track “air-bushing” herself with a light foundation.Rimmel’s Match Perfection Foundation, ($9.99, ulta.com), offers the right amount of light coverage and boasts patented “Smart Tone” technology for seamless application. The biggest bonus of all is that it contains SPF 15 so she can keep that sun damage at bay even longer.

Dr. V, our celebrity plastic surgeon, says….

Dr Nicholas Vendemia, MAS, Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery, Plastic Surgeon New York City, Lip Injections New York City, Lip Augmentation New York City, Juvederm, Restylane, RadiesseZooey has absolutely gorgeous skin, and aren’t we all super J of how she can get a way looking that great with good old-fashioned Cetaphil?? This goes to show that great skincare doesn’t have to be expensive, and doesn’t have to involve complicate regimens with tons of different products.

The one product that I think Zooey should add to keep her skin looking this amazing for years to come is athe best toners for your skin, celebrity skin care secrets, Dr V NYC, Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery toner… preferably one with alpha-hydroxy or glycolic acids (at least 7% concentration) which will even the skin’s texture. Glycolic Toning Complex from DDF ($35, sephora.com) is an excellent choice!

If the glycolic complex makes your skin too dry, try alternating with a more gentle toner like Neutrogena Acohol-Free Toner ($7.99, neutrogena.com). Removing that last bit of dirt an oil from your pores, and exfoliating dead skin cells, on a daily basis is a must for anyone who wants great skin!

Who are some of your favorite celebs with great skin? Let us know with a comment below, or better yet, come visit us on Park Ave!

Next week on Celebrity Skin Care: Jennifer Anniston!

photo credit: starandstyle.com, googleproducts.com

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NOTICE: None of the celebrities or individuals discussed here have ever received treatment, surgery, medical advice, or evaluations from any author, physician, surgeon, or representative of this blog. All images and photos in this article represent models only. No actual patients or clients are shown.

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