Clear Skin Shines Through With Cheryl Inc!

skincare new york city, moisterizers, beauty products new york citySo many products, so few that work!

For years I had struggled trying to find skin care products that actually made an improvement on my skin. After trying endless different skin care products, I finally found a line that is beyond reliable and effective!

If you are having trouble with acne, blemishes, or dull skin, let me introduce you to the skin care products from Cheryl Inc!

While visiting friends in Salt Lake City, I needed a “spa day”, so I made an appointment with one of Cheryl Inc’s estheticians. After an amazing facial, she designed a skin care regimen specifically for my problem areas on my face.

Within a few short weeks I was hooked!  Each product is beautifully packaged and my cleansers and lotions smell wonderful. I couldn’t believe that I had finally found products that improved my complexion and skin tone, and made my skin look healthy.

Skincare for Every Season!

I have now been using these products for over six years, and I still love the way my skin looks. Each product at Cheryl Inc is designed to target specific problems, but they are also made to work together. This makes creating individual skin care regimens (for seasonal or skin changes) a cinch.

skincare new york city, moisterizers, beauty products new york cityFor example, during the summer, my skin started to seem very oily, so Cheryl suggested changing my cleanser to the Power Cleanser, and adding the Oil Control Toner after I get out of the shower. This small change in my regimen dramatically decreased the oiliness of my skin and help even out my complexion.

Not Just a Phase!

I also love that  this line performs for women at any age!

skincare new york, beauty products new york, moisturizersOver the years, I have converted both my mom and younger sister to the products at Cheryl Inc, and between the three of us we have tried almost all of the available products. My mom uses many of the products, such as C-Beautiful and the Skin Renewing Polish, which are designed to help with pigmentation changes and fine lines.

My teenage sister and I love the Lerosett Mask and the Skin Refining Serum. The mask treats breakouts and blemishes, although I have found that it softens and firms my skin as well. The serum makes pores invisible and promotes healthier skin.


The one product I could never go without at any time of year is the Powder Foundation with SPF 50.skincare new york, beauty products new york, moisturizers, sunscreen

My face has always been very sensitive to any kind of sunscreen. I had almost given up on trying to find something I could use without either breaking out or turning bright red. It’s a mineral powder that comes in a dispenser with a connected brush. I use the tinted powder and either lightly brush it over my foundation or use it alone as my foundation. Who can resist a two-in-one treat ?!

Although you could just take my word for it, you should give Cheryl Inc a try if you’re looking for a line that you can customize, refine, and grow with through any phase of your life. By all means, stop by their beautiful spa if you happen to make your way out West!

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