The Obagi Blue Peel: Remove, Resurface, and Refresh Your Complexion!

Do Fine Lines and Sun Spots have you feeling blue?

Obagi Blue Peel,, chemical peels


Many people struggle with hyperpigmentaion and wrinkles. These are often the results of sun damage, acne scarring, hormonal fluctuations, and, of course, age. The good news is, there are plenty of ways to banish those blues and blemishes!

Picking the right treatment for your can be a bit confusing, but we love the Oabgi Blue Peel. This peel is a very popular and very effective when it’s properly and safely done.

Read on to find out if the Obagi Blue Peel is right for you!

If you are unhappy with sunspots, skin discoloration, or any other blemishes, consider a peel to refresh your complexion.

Everyone is a candidate for the Obagi Blue Peel, except for people with severe rosacea.  Under the proper  guidance of your physician, and patient compliance using the Nuderm skin care line, the results are awesome!

What Does the “Blue” Do?

The Obagi Blue Peel is a light to medium depth peel, and yes, it’s actually blue!

The color comes from blue glycerin, which is a carrier agent added to ensure even application of the chemical, which helps to attain a more even result. It also utilizes a 15% trichloracetic acid.

The way the  Obagi Blue Peel works is by producing a controlled “injury” to the skin, forcing dead skin cells up to the surface and kick-starting collagen production underneath. The numbers of layers applied will be determined by your plastic surgeon and will determine the depth of your customized peel.

Normally, the skin will take five to seven days to fully peel. During that week, you will need to be particularly diligent about avoiding direct exposure to the sun, so schedule your peel with that in mind (ie: no beach vacation right after!).  Your skin’s pigmentation will continue to even out over a few months while using the Nuderm products.

Pre & Post Pampering

This peel does require a little pre-treatment skin care. It’s highly recommended that you start using Obagi’s Nuderm products at least one month in advance of having the peel. Using Nuderm will dramatically decrease your healing time and ensure a more even skin tone. It utilizes Retin-A and hydroquinone which are proven to reveal new skin, and to lighten problem patches of pigmentation.

As always after a peel, it is imperative for the client to commit to wearing a SPF 30, or higher after you finish your treatment.  Now that your skin’s pigment is noticeably more even, you want to protect yourself even more from getting UVA and UVB damage. Hey, that’s probably the main reason you ended up needing a peel to begin with!

If you need a dose of vitamin D, open the palms of your hands to the sun for fifteen minutes a day. No one cares if you have wrinkly palms 🙂


Now that you know what the Obagi Blue Peel can do for you, what are you waiting for? A peel is a great way to remove blemishes, resurface your skin, and refresh your whole complexion.

Find a reputable practitioner and be a true blue beauty today!

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