Our Top 10 Tips For Sensational Skin!

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Put your best face forward!

We are obsessed with keeping our skin smooth, sexy, and safe. With all of the skin care advice floating around out there it’s hard to keep track of the next best thing. Our best advice? Keep it simple, sweetie!

Here are FFL’s top 10 tips for sensational skin!

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1. Drink Up!

Hydration truly is a miracle worker when it comes to supple skin. Even mild dehydration can cause your skin to lose a little luster. Buy yourself a pretty, re-usable “Beauty Bottle” and sip away all day long. We promise you’ll have more energy, stave off snacking, and keep your skin fresh and gorgeous!

2. Sweet Dreams!

Sleep like a baby and your skin will look like one’s too!

Do your best to squeeze in six to eight hours of quality sleep every night. It’s really important to turn off the TV and the lights to let your body rest completely. A cool, quiet, and calm room will allow your mind to fully relax and recharge. The constant chatter and light changes of television keep your mind engaged even after you doze off, and that prevents you from reaching a full “re-charge”. You’ll wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day without dark circles and dull skin.

3. Colorful Cuisine

No, cheese curls, red velvet cake, and M&M’s don’t count here!

Make sure that 2/3 of each meal you eat contains lots of bright and deeply colored fruits and vegetables. You’ll be upping your intake of vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants which will all help you fight fine lines from the inside out.

4. Work it, girl!

Break a sweat for at least thirty minutes three times a week.

Exercise will help you to maintain a healthy weight, decrease stress, and improve blood circulation. The result? A flirty physique, positive attitude, and a fresh, healthy flush!

5. Be a Shady Lady

One word: sunscreen.

No excuses! Find a moisturizer that you love that has SPF (aim for 30+), wear SPF makeup, or find a light sunscreen that you can wear every day, rain or shine.

6. Just chill

Stress wreaks havoc on your skin.

It releases free-radicals and hormones that can cause hives, rashes, acne flare-ups, aggravates rosacea, gives you cold sores, the list goes on and on! Worst of all, repeated frowning, scowling, and worrying settle in on your face as deep, daunting wrinkles!

Take ten minutes every day to check-in with your inner self. Sit quietly, listen to relaxing music, deep breathe, anything that lets you take a little break from the world around you. Your body, mind, and complexion will thank you!

7. Take It All Off!

Sleep in the nude!

Clean skin is the first step toward a clearer complexion. Find products that work for you. If you have sensitive skin, choose gentle products to soothe it. Short on time? Why not swipe off your makeup with a pre-moistened product every morning and night?

No matter what, do your best to take it all before you go to sleep!

8. No Butts about it!

Gray is chic on the runway, but never as your skin tone!

Every cigarette that you smoke releases thousands of chemicals into your bloodstream, causing a flood of free radicals throughout your body. Those are the key factors in cell destruction and rapid aging in every one of your organs, including the largest one you have: your skin!

Constricted blood vessels and decreased oxygen leave your skin sallow and dull. Your constant sucking and puffing create permanent crevices around your mouth. Quit now and you’ll at least have a shot at reversing some of the damage done. Do it now!

9. Dump the Junk

Garbage in, garbage out.

You’re not fifteen anymore! Even if you are, you should know better than ingest bags and boxes of chemical laced, mass-produced, nutrient depleted crap.

If the key ingredients on your favorite munchie are sugar, oil (especially hydrogenated), or something you can’t even pronounce, consider it poison.

Eat clean and healthy to keep your skin looking the same way.

10. Keep Reading FFL!

We love you and hope you love us too!

We promise to continue to bring you interesting, informative, and fun ways to help you win the war on aging one line at a time.

Be healthy, put your best face forward, and have a beautiful life!

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