The Top 5 SPF Spoilers

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We know that no Line Fighter would dream of stepping out sans sunscreen, but did you know that you may secretly be upping your fry-factor just by spritzing on your perfume?

Sometimes even the best sun defense gets foiled because of other products, foods, and medications that you’re already adding to your body. This might explain why you ended up coming home well-done, despite your best efforts to stay covered .

Read on for the top 5 SPF spoilers that may end up leaving you sizzled!

1. Foods

Think twice before you sip that poolside marg and munch on some crudite! While some foods actually give you mild SPF protection, there are several that decrease it instead.

Celery, citrus (especially limes & lemons), fennel, and even artificial sweeteners all have the potential to increase your chance of a burn. Each of these eats contains chemicals that naturally increase your photosensitivity, so do your best to find other tasty alternatives.

2. Beauty Products

Your lotion, acne treatment, and even your fragrance may all make you look lovely, but they can also leave you looking like a lobster.

If you are using products that contain AHA’s (skin smoothing), Salycitic Acid(to fight off  breakouts), or hydroquinone (to banish brown spots), you need to be exceedingly careful about staying out of the sun. These all strip away at the top layer of skin making you extra susceptible to sunburn.

Perfumes often contain natural oils (bergamot, lavender, balsam) that coat the skin and increase risk of sun damage. Skip the scents until after you come back from the beach.

3. Medications

If you are popping some a pill for some type of ill, check with your pharmacist before you skip off to the shore.

Many antibiotics ( ex:Cipro, Bactrim), prescription acne medications (ex:Accutane), chemotherapy, heart meds, and diabetes treatments lead to increased sun- sensitivity. Even over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen(ex:Advil) and naproxen (ex:Aleve), can leave you susceptible to getting a worse burn.

Medications mixed with some sunshine can cause even more than just skin-deep damage. The effects of UV rays can actually interfere with how medication reacts inside of your body and lead to an allergic response. Always check the labels of any meds or ask your doctor about any new drug that you are taking, to make sure you stay safe.

4. Birth Control

The pill may prevent pregnancy, but it won’t give you any protection against the sun’s rays!

Estrogen and synthetic hormones can increase the skin’s chances of getting burned. Bring an umbrella and some sunscreen with you if you’ll be exposed to the sun for long periods of time.

5. The Spa

What Line Fighter doesn’t love a facial? While clinical skin care is a great way to boost your beauty routine, it also boosts your chance of  bad burn as well.

Medical grade facials, peels, and microdermabrasion leave your skin smooth and soft as a baby’s, and that  means that it’s as a baby’s delicate as well.

You should avoid the sun as much as possible after any of these treatments, since they remove your outermost layer of skin that protects new skin below the surface. Plan on staying indoors at the latest summer blockbusters or to shop the sales at the mall for at least a week if not more.

Don’t let these sunburn-boosters sizzle you this summer! Cover up, seek shade, and of course, wear your SPF. Always know what you are putting on and into your body to keep yourself protected from the sun. It’s better to be safe than to be seared!

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  1. Awesome post Karin! Such wonderful information on how to keep skin protected from burns and fine lines!

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