Green Tea vs The AC: Keeping Warm While Staying Cool

green tea, green tea health benefitsHow about a nice cup of hot tea? In the summer? Definitely when your employer insists on jacking the AC up so high that there’s frost on your monitor! I have been battling some major AC acclimation this week by drinking lots of tea. Besides trying to regain feeling in my fingers, I’ve decided to stick with green teas, since they have the potential to boost health with their abundant antioxidants. Read on for some teasty ways to FFL, by the cupful.

China, tea plantation, green teaGreen tea was originally recognized for its health benefits in China, thousands of years ago. While modern science still debates exactly how powerful these tiny leaves can be, there is no denying that they are rich with antioxidants, particularly, catechin polyphenols and EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate, phew!). These are the weapons of mass destruction that green tea uses in defense against cancer cells, inflammation, and free radicals (which kill cells and age us).

My top three reasons for sipping this super-power are:

  1. It tastes delish!
  2. It curbs my appetite!
  3. I will take any help I can get to boost my health!

tea infuser, tea pots, tea cupsT-Buddy, tea pot, tea infuserMost experts agree that using loose tea provides more benefits than using tea bags. I’m a little lazy at the moment, but it’s really not hard to brew your own cup of fresh tea. The quality of leaves is higher, due to less handling, plus you get to purchase tea accessories like the T Buddy($14.95, or cute little single serve infusers($16.95,!

Remember, keep your tea healthy by not adding artificial sweeteners or sugar. Also, avoid anything in a can or bottle; they’re almost all sugar and have little nutritional value at all. I’m not always a fan of certain green tea tastes, but I’ve found some naturally flavored varieties that are really yummy.

Try these brands to change it up:

Stash Mojito Mint Green Tea with Matcha ($5.45, Light, refreshing, minty  flavor, and has Japanese matcha (fine green tea powder) to boot!

stash mojito mint green tea, green tea for health

Harney & Sons Tropical Green Tea ($5.95, Subtle fruity taste that reminds me of the islands (had this first while in Aruba!).

Harney and Sons Tropical Green Tea, green tea

Japanese Sencha (loose) Green Tea ($6.80, I tried this because it had a lot of great reviews! Delicious, smooth flavor, and you’ll feel like a “real” tea drinker brewing your own 🙂

Japenese Sencha Green Tea, Upton Tea, green tea

Don’t let the heat keep you out of the kitchen! Brew up some green tea this summer to beat the AC and to FightFineLines from the inside out!
We’d love to know what your favorite green teas are! Drop us a line below!

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