The Top 3 Tips for Shaping Your Brows

Eyebrow shaping, beauty, makeup


Have you ever heard that your eyes are the windows to your soul? Well, we can’t think of a better reason to make sure you frame them flawlessly!

Bushy, poorly-shaped, or sparse brows can add years to your face by making you look tired or angry (um, Michelle Obama anyone?).

Keep these Top 3 Tips in mind for to add some ease to your tweeze!

1.  Landscaping

Eyebrow shaping, beauty, makeup


Tweezing your brows is the easiest and most affordable way to tame and frame your eyes. The number one thing to remember here is not to go overboard or you’ll end up with the super thin “stripper brows” that Jenna and Pam love to sport. This might work for these “industry ” ladies, but keep it neat and natural for yourself.

Hold a warm washcloth over the area to be tweezed to help loosen up the root of the hair. Then, use a sharp slanted tweezer, like the ones from LaCross ($4.99, Tweezerman (so cute! $25,, to get rid of stray hairs while following the natural shape of your brows. Take frequent breaks to step back from the mirror and see how the grooming is going. Soothe any redness by using a cold compress for a few minutes.

2. Shape & Symmetry

Now that you’ve cleared away the strays, take a look at what you’ve got to work with.  Hold a pencil vertically against the side of your nostril; that where you brow should begin.  Now hold the pencil in line with outside of your iris (colored part of your eye)… this is where the highest part of the arch should be. The brow should end just past the outer corner.

An easier option to get the shape just right is to use stencils like this super set from Anastasia ($20, Save the drama for the soaps or you’ll end up looking too severe, like Danielle Staub of the Jersey Housewives who resembles the old-school Disney Evil Queen.

Eyebrow shaping, beauty, makeup


3. Fill ‘Em Up!

Now that you’re ‘scaped and shaped, it’s time to fill in any sparse spots. Pencils (and stencils) are the most popular pick since they are easy to use and don’t require extra tools.  We like Laura Mercier’s ($19, for it’s realistic texture and lack of smudging. Powders, like Lorac’s Take a Brow brow kit ($22, are applied with a brush and give a softer look overall. You may need to practice to get the hang of it, but once you do, you’ll be hooked!

Regardless of your makeup choice, use short, hair-like strokes to color in any gaps. Flatter your face by keeping your color choice one shade lighter or darker than your hair color.

beauty, makeup, eyebrow shapeSet” your look with a clear eyebrow gel or a tiny touch of brow wax to keep them in place all day long. Try Maybelline’s Define a Brow Gel ($6.99, or a pretty pomade likebeauty, eyebrow shape, makeup Smashbox Brow Tech Wax ($20,

Express yourselves ladies, and don’t leave the house without your brows. Remember these tips to look younger, more relaxed, and polished. A little eyebrow know how will keep your eyes in the “highbrow”!

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  1. I never realized that there was a system for shaping your eyebrows. I like your point about using your nostril and iris to calculate the length and height of your brows. I might have to ask my wife about this and see if she does something similar.

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