The Baby Food Diet… Get Your Gerber On!

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Ooh Baby, tell me more! What is the skinny on the Baby Food Diet that celebs like Jen Aniston and Lady Gaga are reportedly swearing by?  There’s no denying these ladies look ready to rock their bikinis right now, but keep reading before you go getting your Gerber on!

What It Is

The Baby Food Diet is a weight loss plan that includes 14 servings of jarred baby food followed by a healthy adult-sized dinner. The key to making a decision about whether or not to implement this diet into your own life is to understand how it works.  Weight loss happens when the calories you burn are greater than the calories you take in.  A jar of pureed baby food contains 25 to 60 calories per serving.  Taking in 14 servings during the day means you’ve ingested only 400 to 840 calories by dinnertime.  Keep in mind that the recommended caloric intake is 2000 calories a day, and that your individual needs differ from the gal’s in the next cube as much as both your fingerprints do.  The best way to know your caloric need is to see a registered dietitian for a resting metabolic test which is super easy, quick, and painless.

The Good News

The good news is that baby food is nutrient dense, and comes in portion-controlled containers with a variety of flavors to choose from. This makes the diet pretty easy to stick to since you can toss your jars into your bag and be set for the day. The tiny amount of calories you’ll be eating are guaranteed to make you skinny in a snap. A motivational bonus is that you get to have a treat (a real meal!) at the end of the day.

The Bad News

A big downside of this plan is the lack of fiber, which is crucial for long-term weight loss.  Also, like any fad diet, the massive calorie restriction makes you feel like you’re starving, and will likely cause you to cave in and binge.  Remember that taking in too few calories can be just as bad as taking in too many. Extreme calorie cutting like this can cause decreases in brain, metabolic, and even reproductive function… Eww!!

The Sum of the Skinny

The best way to lose and maintain weight is to exercise regularly and eat fruits, veggies, and lean proteins (like chicken ,tofu,and eggs). Also include whole grains and beans to perfect your fiber profile. Keep your portion sizes to recommended values too. For example, a portion of lean protein is the size of a deck of cards and one serving of almonds is 20 nuts. In reality, making and measuring your own food is the best way to keep  your calories in check the whole day through.

One of the best parts about being a grown-up  is that we get to enjoy the taste and texture of  real food. The Baby Food Diet might help you shed a few pounds for Friday’s hot date, but they’ll be back in the office with you by Monday morning.

So, is this quick-fix fad is making you swoon for a spoon? Tell us what you think on our Comments section.

Jessica Dart
Personal Training Manager
Equinox Fitness Clubs NYC


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3 responses to “The Baby Food Diet… Get Your Gerber On!

  1. christina

    Great information!
    It was nice to hear both the good and the bad about it so people can make their own decisions….thanks!

  2. MAS

    Jen says the last time she had baby food, she was 1 year old 🙂

    She started working out hardcore for her new movie, Just Go With It, because working side by side with co-star Brooklyn Decker made her so insecure!

  3. whoah this blog is excellent i really like studying your posts.
    Stay up the good work! You understand, lots of persons are
    looking around for this information, you can aid them greatly.

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