Sun Hats Top Off Your UV Protection

Looking for the perfect summer accessory? Use your head by showing off one of the hottest and healthiest warm-weather trends: the sun hat! May is Skin Cancer Awareness month, so it’s the perfect time to start shopping!

Besides shading your face to Fight Fine Lines, a sun hat will also protect  your eyes and the delicate skin on your ears, neck and scalp. Look for a brim that’s at least 2 inches wide all the way around to make sure you have enough shade. Also make sure that the material is made of tightly bound fabric to prevent too many rays from passing through. The best hats come with built in ultraviolet protection factor(UPF) right in the cloth!

If you’re thinking “I don’t look good in hats” or “it’s annoying to have something on my head”, think about this… scars on your face from having suspicious spots removed, or from having to go for chemotherapy every week, is an awful lot worse than wearing a sun hat on the beach. Melanoma is the most common cause of cancer death  in women  age 25-29, but it’s also one of the most treatable if  it’s detected early (see Charlie Guild’s Melanoma facts).

roxy sandbox hat : sun hat ; wrinkles : aging : sunscreen


For a little surfer-girl glam, Roxy’s Sandbox hat ($28, is the  “shore” thing. It’s got a very wide brim for the ultimate in protection, and it’s stylish enough to wear just about anywhere.

Juicy couture sun hat : sun hat ; wrinkles : aging : sunscreen


For more of that summer starlet feel check out some of the ultra posh styles from Juicy Couture ($88, Juicy has tons of great sun stoppers to choose from, so you’re guaranteed to find one that works with your wardrobe and your budget.

Betmar's knotted cloche sun hat : sun hat ; wrinkles : aging : sunscreen Feeling a little more Coney Island or Cape Cod? Go preppy-pretty with Betmar’s Knotted Cloche ($22.95, It comes in 7  summery shades that are as pretty as they are protective. It also boasts a UPF of  50+ and support from the CCMAC (a very noteworthy skin cancer awareness foundation).

Whether you’re hitting the waves in Montauk, or just getting hit on in the Hamptons, a sun hat is the perfect way to protect your skin from those aging, wrinkling, and damaging rays!  And while you’re at it, why not pick one up for Mom too? We can’t think of a greater Mother’s Day gift!

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3 responses to “Sun Hats Top Off Your UV Protection

  1. I love this article on your sun hats! I’m an avid tennis player and therefore always in the sun during the hottest times of the day. I found it difficult to find a sun hat that I liked, which would stay on, and NOT give me a headache!! So, I decided to create one. You can see them here I’d love for your readers to stop by and check them out! Drop me a line as well.

  2. MAS

    Thanks for the comment, Ledy! We’re happy that you liked this article and hope you checked out other sun protection posts on FFL as well.
    Your visors are a fun and easy way for people to avoid sun damage and skin cancer; it’s great that you’re getting the word out about this subject as well!
    I would love to try a FunVisor and hope our readers will too! I’m thinking a pink dragonfly theme might be in my beach bag really soon 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I have only recently discovered the importance of wearing hats to keep yourself protected from the sun and thus prevents skin cancer. And since then, I have been searching the best kind of hat for these (what type of material, what kind of hat) and this has been very helpful. Thank you.

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