Earth Day Turns 40! 3 Great Ways to Celebrate

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Earth Day is turning 40 this Thursday April 22nd! Trust us, Mother Earth won’t mind if you recycle a gift (c’mon, you know you’ve done it before!). And the best part? You won’t have to shop any further than your makeup bag.

#1  Recycle Containers

Origins has always been known for the natural beauty of their products, but they go above and beyond with their mission to create a prettier planet by offering one of the most accessible and open recycling programs. Empty and clean your old cosmetic packaging (jars, pots, etc) and take them to your nearest Origins shop or department store counter where they will handle the rest. Best of all, they will accept any brand!

#2  Recycle Caps

Aveda (Estee Lauder again!) has a fantastic plastic cap recycling program that lets children get in on the action. Participating schools work with Aveda salons and stores to collect the  screw-on caps from bottles that usually can’t be recycled; caps from every bottle of water you drink, every shampoo container you toss out, and even that detergent you used to get the lipstick off your shirt! You can get your child’s school involved by emailing

#3  Recycle “Wraps”

Sometimes the thought alone is what really counts. How many times have your purchased a 0.5 oz jar of eye cream that you had to tear through 3 boxes to get to? Why not  take a few minutes to choose a brand that uses better packaging? Almay’s Pure Blends line  ensures that at least 45% of the packaging is from recycled materials. 100% Pure’s entire collection is stored in “pre” and “re”cycled containers.  Another eco-chic idea is to look for the recycle symbol (that triangle of little arrows chasing each other) or recycling code(numbers 1-7) on your products to guarantee your gift will keep on giving long after the last drop is gone.

Every green gift you give today means that there will be many more Earth Day Birthdays for our beautiful planet. So, what will all you Line Fighters be giving the “Birthday Girl” this year ?

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