“Eye” do! Colored Contact Lenses for an Age-Defying Change

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Breath-taking blues, sultry greens, or chocolate browns. We all know those beautiful girls who’s eyes alone captivate both men and women alike. There’s no way to deny that the eyes have it! They are one of the first things we notice, so it’s no wonder that we shadow, shade, and fringe them up with lush lashes; big, bright eyes exude energy, friendliness, and, of course, sex appeal. Why not move beyond a new eye powder or liner and go for an even more dramatic change?

I have  always been curious about colored contacts, and a few years ago a ordered a box of ocean blues to change things up from my usual pretty hazel- greens. I was shocked at the attention they got and even more so at their magic powers of making my skin look brighter, and my eyes less tired. Now, I switch up my clear contacts for the colors a few times a week when I want a little extra flair or when I didn’t get enough beauty sleep. They are intense but realistic, and as easy to use as trying out a new lipstick. They’ve become a regular in my beauty routine, and boost my efforts towards having a 29th birthday party year after year after year!

If you want to give them a try, you’ll have to consult with your eye doctor even if you don’t use a prescription. They will check your vision, teach you how to put contacts in, and also how to take care of them. They may even be able to give you samples to try and hook you up with a discount. If your eyes are already a light color, a simple color enhancing lens can take your natural color to the next level. For dark eyes, try an opaque lens which will block out most of your color and totally switch up your look. I love my Accuvue 2 Colour (Johnson and Johnson) lenses for their comfort, UV protection, and fabulous choice of 10 shades. Fresh Look (Ciba Vision) and Expressions (Cooper Vision) are two other popular lines if you are looking for more options. Pricing varies depending on how many boxes and where you buy from, but online sites like 1-800Contacts run about $40 a box (12 week supply).

So embrace your inner Paris Hilton (nope, those aren’t her “real” baby blues!) and try a little color. Go ahead and take a look at what this beauty-“do” can change for you!

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