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The Ugly Truth About Beautiful Skin

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It’s Da Balm! Protect Your Pout All Year Long.

So, I’m about to kiss and tell…

Even though the harsh, dry winter air is becoming a distant memory, my lips still tend to get a little parched. Maybe it’s because I need to fill up my water bottle more often, or because I’m a chronic chatterbox, but, in any case, I rarely leave the house without a lip balm in my pocket.

The delicate skin on your lips really does need a little extra TLC. You spend lots of time protecting your face, hands, and body, so why not take a minute to put your money where your mouth is? Here are a few of my faves that I always have on hand (or lips!).

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The Dreaded “Man Tan”. Sun Goddesses Beware!


About a year ago, after several months of working too hard, and playing too little, my boyfriend and I decided to skip town and head to Barbados for a relaxing break. Since I’ve experienced the the amazing embarrassment of  the “Man Tan” before, I bathed myself in sunscreen thinking that would do the trick, but no dice. When we got back to our hotel room after an incredible day on the beach, I couldn’t help but notice that my man looked like he had something he wanted to tell me. “What’s that on your lip?”

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Time marches on… my face!


The Birthday Girl! Ahhh, that one day a year when it is all about you; the cake, well wishes, gifts, and  paparazzi-like picture taking that accompanies your celebration. Just about a year ago, after a fabulous evening of partying, a dreadful revelation occurred. I looked at the photos my friends had snapped and realized my face had changed… alot… overnight! It’s not that I thought it would never happen, I just expected it to be a bit more subtle, like how your hair grows out. or how your shopping bag fills up at Saks.

Years of gentle cleansers, moisturizers and sunscreens had convinced me that I was going to be exempt from the tests that Father Time gave me as I moved from my 20’s to 30’s. Not so! I wash my face at night and look up to see that apparently my eyebrows were not waterproof. My usual sunscreen and hat on vacation did not protect me from the affliction of a “sunstache” over my lip.  A little less luster, a few more spots, a tiny crease, and another tiny crease, and another- ladies, we are under attack!

So here is the battle plan: Fight Fine Lines! We are going to launch a assault on aging. From the inside out, head to toe, product to program, this is where our arsenal builds up. Check in with us several times each week for the latest strategies. We can rethink our routines, refresh our energy , and renew our armor.  Age gracefully? Not without a very beautiful fight!

So, about that  “sunstache”….

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